PROGRAMS   Global Finance

The Master in Global Finance Program is an international applied 2-year program for Finance and Economics, combining Master’s degree courses with training and preparation for the CFAâ (Chartered Financial Analystâ) qualifying exams.

PROGRAMS   Project Management

Master’s Degree in Project Management is ideal for managers who want to “juggle three balls- TIME, COST and QUALITY” together. It is good for people who want to obtain, or expand existing knowledge of project management, motivate people and achieve cost- effective results.

PROGRAMS   Change Management

The main focus of this program is to develop strategic thinking that is responsive to change and to give our students practical skills for changing organizations of all sizes by understanding the nature of change in a global and historical perspective

PROGRAMS   International Business

The mission of this program is the formation of a force of professional managers, entrepreneurs, and leaders of a market-oriented economy who are entrepreneurial, ethical, competitive, and ready to work successfully in both national and global environments.